Rev. Charles H. Ryans, Sr.                    Rev. Angelo McBride                        Rev. Stanford L. Hunt

                  1981- 1996                                          1997 - 2010                                Served as Worship Leader 2011

                                                                                                                           Served as Pastor 2012 - Present

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       Rev. L. A.  Wakefield

Began Assoc. Pastorate


Served as Pastor

1971 - 1980

      Rev. A. L. McCargo, Became  Pastor of the Old Gilfield Baptist church in 1934 and in 1940 he merged the congregations of these two churches (Salem Baptist) into one that became known as Salem Gilfield Baptist Church. 

    Rev. Africa Bailey, Founder






    Rev. R. E. Harshaw - Pastor of Salem Baptist Church  



    Rev. Roberts - Pastor of Salem Baptist Church


  Rev. W. L. Vernado - Pastor of Salem Baptist (1936)-


    Rev. A. L. McCargo

1934 - 1970

Pastor Emeritus

1970 - 1975